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Sam Wilby and her team were simply amazing from start to finish on our request to wallpaper our office.

Samantha it has been great to work with all of you and the end product far exceeds my expectations in achieving the end goal.  

RIANA 1.jpg

Wrapping high resolution wallpaper in resets seamlessly, no problem. You wont believe it's not real until you touch it! 

Create inspirational spaces in common areas to optimise your client, customer or employee experience...effortlessly. 

Let's work together to deliver your perfect vision by combining your insight, and our expert team of designers, managers and installers. 

Samantha, WallGenie

Here's an idea to make a small room feel bigger, add a tunnel to it like this creative client did. 

RIANA 4 900X600.jpg
RIANA 2 900X600.jpg

And you thought wallpaper was just "Biggie Best" patterns, wrong you are, it's the age of digital my friend, distressed wall and all.

Well it definitely beats a traditional coat of paint in your dining room I think you would agree?

RIANA 1 900X600.jpg
DR JAY 1.jpg

Dr Jay

Dr Jay wanted to create a relaxed setting for her patients in her new medical practice in Somerset West. 

The wallpaper looks amazing!! We just love it, Samantha was wonderful to work with and the installation team did an amazing job !

WOLFE & HARE 1.jpg
LESLEE 1.jpg

Subtle touches set the tone with this elegant wallpaper pattern to softly enhance the atmosphere.


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